Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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Professional training has never been more accessible than with 1-on-1 Online Training. Get matched today with your online trainer and improve your skills, gain confidence, and stay motivated alongside your trainer dedicated to helping you win on and off the playing field.

Online Training is for the young baller who is taking their game to the next level, or for the kids who just found love in sport. Grab your deck, a ball, and prepare to work hard and have fun at home with your trainer today!

You will also get KickDeck. It's your personal soccer trainer in a deck of cards. Created for players ages 8+ looking to put in the extra work while no one is watching. The deck includes 52 unique soccer drills separated into 4 categories - technique, juggling, strength, and core. With 13 cards in each category, arranged easy to difficult, you can be sure that training with KickDeck will take your game to the next level!

1-on-1 Online Training
  • Training times. You create your own schedule
  • Location. Sessions will be held over Zoom so just make sure to have an adequate indoor or outdoor space
  • Age. For all ages

  • Simple. There isn't a need for all the latest & greatest expensive training aids. All you need is a deck, dedication, and an open space
  • Fun. Shuffle your deck for endless card combinations to keep training fun & refreshing
  • Effective. Elevate your game with cards backed by professional athletes. No more wasting your time on skills that don't translate to in-game scenarios
  • Visual. Each card comes with a custom avatar for those visual learners out there
  • Detailed breakdown. A step-by-step walkthrough that breaks down each card into bite-sized steps
  • Track your progress. Hold yourself accountable & set a goal for your training sessions. The bottom right corner of the cards have you covered!


  • Online Training
    • Access options: Zoom
    • All ages
    • At-home training
    • Color: multi
    • Dimensions: 0.9"H x 4.9"L x 2.9"W
    • Number of cards: 52 (13 each category)
    • Categories
      1. Technique
      2. Juggling
      3. Strength
      4. Core
    • For ages 8+


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